About ME

As far as I can remember art has been my passion, Doesn’t matter if it’s digital art, traditional art, 3d or 2d, animation or music… I simply love art. And that passion has always motivated me to keep pushing my limits and to always be looking for more knowledge, improving myself as an artist.

I started long time ago as a traditional 2d artist, then I improve my skills on digital graphic design and then I really found my place at 3D modeling and design. Over the years I pick up skills in photography and video editing, but 3D modeling remains the thing I like to do the most.

I work together with my wife as a freelancer artist for over 10 years, working on variety of projects, everything from logo design, to marketing printing stuff, website design… all to 3D product modeling and design and 3D animations. As the technology changes and new stuff come available on the market, I started working on augmented reality projects, bringing to life 3D models on your mobile devices. Want Me To Work For You?

Client Relationship

The Services I provide are not unique and are not the chipset one on the market, but I put myself a goal to provide the best possible quality for the given budget of the project. I will try to understand the goals of your business and will help you to achieve those goals through creative and modern methods which will really make a difference between you and your competition.

I constantly work on my skills, improving the quality and speed in which the projects are completed. I use high end software and hardware to get the highest results. My goal is to create masterpiece art for my clients that will give outstanding first impression.

Quality is the main aspect that I concentrate on, as only to high quality I can help my client’s to reach their goals. I always try to give more than I am asked for, as that is the only way for me and my clients to move forward, to expand and grow. My client’s see me as an extension of their own company’s, as I am always there to help whit any problem and give new ideas and perspective to the new challenges.